Revitalising Leg and Arm Tonic 100ml

Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic invigorates and tones the skin, while soothing and minimising water-retention (swelling) 

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Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic invigorates and tones the skin. It soothes and minimises water-retention (swelling) and tired legs arms and legs regain a sense of lightness. 

  • Rosemary essential oil energises and warms.
  • Borage helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. 
  • After a long day of sitting or standing, Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic refreshes and energises limbs for continued activity.


Apply Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic evenly to the legs, feet and arms, massaging towards the heart. Repeat as needed. Allow to absorb before dressing. Wait 30 minutes before putting on compression stockings.

For dry skin, blend Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic with any Dr. Hauschka body oil.




Relax and enliven legs and feet by soaking feet in Sage Purifying Bath Essence. Next, bring ease and comfort to the legs by massaging Revitalising Leg and Arm Toner in an upward motion toward the heart. 

In addition to Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic, for tired, swollen feet, we recommend Hydrating Foot Cream which offers cool, comforting care.Deodorising Foot Cream refreshes and manages excess perspiration.

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