Natural Bronzed Perfection with Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder

Natural Bronzed Perfection with Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder

Dreaming of a natural summer glow all year round?! Dr. Hauschka is here to help with it’s fantastic Bronzing Powder, giving your skin an instant bronzed glow. With just a few strokes of a brush it’s perfect for providing a natural summer glow or accentuating an existing tan.

Dr Hauschka’s Bronzing Powder is gentle and nurturing enough that it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin and it also blends easily with any skin tone. Priced at just €26.95 this ultra-fine bronzer made with silk, anthyllis, witch hazel and sage contour gives you a natural summer glow while also smoothing your complexion for a flawless look – making it a must have for your make up bag every season! 

Bronzing Powder Ingredients

According to Dr.Hauschka‘s International Make-Up Artist, Karim Sattar, ‘Dr Hauschka’s Bronzing Powder is a make-up bag essential, it is not only a unisex item but a multi use item too. It can be used on your leg, neck & decolette aswell as your face.

Top Tips on how to get a summer glow from Karim Sattar

Our international Dr. Hauschka make-up artist, Karim Sattar, loves using Bronzing Powder to highlight the contours of the face and subtly emphasise areas such as the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Here are his make-up tips for creating a beautiful, sun kissed look.

Everyday glow

  • Complexion: dip a brush in the Bronzing Powder and then tap it lightly on the back of your hand. Highlight the areas of your face that best catch the sun by dusting the powder onto your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Gently sweep the colour outwards using circular motions.
  • Eyes: apply Eyeshadow 01 golden sand to your entire upper eyelid, gently blending it towards your eyebrows. Next, apply Eyeshadow 02 golden earth to just your eyelid crease to give your eyes some extra depth. Volume Mascara black makes your eyes look wider for added sparkle. Only apply it to your upper lashes, to really make your eyes pop.
  • Lips: apply Lipstick Novum 09 miraculous rose to your lips to perfectly complete this fresh daytime look. You’re ready to go.

Subtle night glow

  • Complexion: prime your face with Translucent Make-up and apply Concealer to your lower and upper eye areas to hide any blemishes. Next, use a powder brush to evenly apply a mixture of Bronzing Powder and Translucent Face Powder compact , working downwards from your forehead.
  • Eyes: apply Eyeshadow 09 ivory to your entire upper eyelid, gently blending it towards your eyebrows. Next, apply Eyeshadow 04 taupe to your eyelid crease, taking the colour to the upper edge of your eyelid at the corner of your eye. Now apply black Liquid Eyeliner to your upper lashes, running it in a straight line to the corners of your eyes. Apply two coats of Volume Mascara black , not forgetting your lower lashes in the evening.
  • Cheeks: apply Rouge Powder 03 rosé to your cheek bones and accentuate your lower cheek area with Bronzing Powder.
  • Lips: apply a small amount of Lipstick 07 transparent rosé before pressing your lips together and filling in any remaining areas. Dab a little Lip Gloss 01 rose gloss onto the middle of your lips.


 Don't forget Dr. Hauschka make- up combines high quality oil, waxes and silk powders with carefully selected nurturing plants. Making each product perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and looking for a natural glow.
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