Dr. Hauschka's 7 Secrets to Beautiful Skin

Dr. Hauschka's 7 Secrets to Beautiful Skin


Beautiful skin is something that we all strive to achieve and maintain! Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is here to help with it’s 7 secrets to achieving beautiful skin naturally, and they are suprisingly easy to follow.


Dr. Hauschka’s approach to health and beauty is quite different from other skin care lines, and you might be suprised by some of the secrets you discover:


  1.     Skip the night cream, your skin will thank you
While you sleep your skin is hard at work regenerating itself, balancing oil production and expelling impurities and by using night creams this can interfere with these essential tasks! Dr. Hauschka reccomends an oil free night care such as the Dr. Hauschka Night Serum or Renewing Night Conditioner,  to allow the skin to carry out its important nights work. 

  1.     Like treats like
It might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily complexion, it’s actually the most logical solution.The skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced. For example,  Clarifying Day Oil provides a light, clean layer of pure plant oils and botanical extracts that balance excessive oiliness while helping to soothe and minimize the appearance of blemishes and irritation.

  1.     Stop scrubbing – your skin is not the bathroom floor!
Soaps, scrubs and harsh exfoliants can strip your face of its natural protection, resulting in dry, irritated skin and premature signs of aging.

Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream - Using our signature "Press and Roll" method it gently exfoliates, removing excess dirt, oil and makeup without disturbing the skin's natural line of defense—the balance of oil and water on its surface layer known as the acid mantle.

  1.     Ingredients matter – and quality ingredients matter most!
The highest quality ingredients make for the most effective productsEvery ingredient that goes into a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care preparation has an important job to do. Each ingredient is carefully selected from the Dr. Hauschka organic farm,  for its particular effects and its interaction with the whole composition.

  1.     Your skin is smart
Your skin has a unique ability to care for itself, the key is to encourage and strengthen your skin's natural processes.

Dr. Hauschka knows that your skin is smart, and respects its ability to regulate, protect and renew itself with the proper care. The Dr.Hauschka approach to skin care results in the undeniable glow of true and lasting beauty.

  1.     Not all facials are created equal
 The key to Dr. Hauschka facials lies in your balance and rhythm — and Dr.Hauschka signature face and body treatments are designed to support both.

  1.     Rhythm is the key to health and vibrancy
Healthy rhythms create a state of balance, encouraging a return to skin health and bringing forth a radiant beauty. Rhythm is at the heart of our work at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.


What is your best kept skin care secret for maintaining or creating beautiful skin? Dr. Hauschka would love to hear it! The individual who puts forward the best secret (as voted for by the skincare experts in Dr. Hauschka Ltd. Ireland) will receive a €250 hamper full of Dr. Hauschka goodies to enjoy!


To submit your secret simply, log onto Dr. Haushcka’s Facebook page here

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