Make Your Smile Stand Out With DR. Hauschka's Dental Range & New Vibrant Lipstick Colours

Posted on9 Months ago

Strong gums and thorough oral hygiene are essential for a healthy smile and Dr. Hauschka’s natural toothpastes and mouthwash will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Dr. Hauschka’s Fortifying Mint Toothpaste (€6.45) will help stabilise the oral flora in order to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. It has a proven rapid anti-inflammatory effect and will help prevent gum bleeding too.


Sensitive teeth will love Dr. Hauschka’s Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste (€6.45) which provides gentle yet thorough cleaning. The formulation combines salt spring mineral water, sea salt, plant extracts and naturally cleansing minerals to gently cleanse sensitive teeth. This fresh and pleasantly salty toothpaste helps gentle refresh and cleanse the gums too.


Finish off your daily oral routine with Dr. Hauschka’s Sage Mouthwash (€11.95) which will effectively refresh your breath and leave your entire mouth feeling clean. Formulated containing carefully selected plant extracts and natural essential oils, it provides natural care for your teeth and gums.


Compliment you healthy smile and let your lipstick do the talking with Dr. Hauschka’s new range of vibrant lipstick colours. With six new shades to choose from there is something to suit every occasion and your every mood!  Make a statement with Dr. Hauschka’s new Foxglove, Millionbells or Chocomocha shades. These lipsticks will definitely complete your sophisticated evening look. For a more natural, daytime shade Dr. Hauschka’s new Marram, Holy Clover or Hibiscus are the ideal option.


All of Dr. Hauschka’s lipsticks (€24.45 each) are extremely moisturising with mineral pigments and are formulated with botanical ingredients such as rose petals, almond oil, and carnauba wax. Apply with a brush for a precise, statement look or to create a softer effect simply dab onto the lips.

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