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    Three colors make eyelashes silky, lush and full while helping to strengthen lashes over time. Rose and jojoba waxes protect fine lashes while extracts of neem and tea leaf fortify.
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    Out of stock
    Mineral pigments highlight the beauty of your eyes. New formulation with supple quince wax makes for smooth, effortless application.
  • € 19.95 In Stock
    Featuring two complementary colours, this liner offers dramatic effects. The darker end sharpens eye contours while applying the lighter end to the inner lid makes eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • € 32.95 In Stock
    Four rich shades of brown and gray enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, allowing for a combination of elegant looks that take eyes from day to night. Fine powders glide on effortlessly and blend naturally.
  • € 18.95 In Stock
    This silky-smooth eyeliner glides on easily, intensifying eyes. Rose wax allows for easy application and keeps color fresh and vivid throughout the day.
  • € 14.50 In Stock
    Nine beautiful tones enhance the natural shape and beauty of your eyes. Extracts of anthyllis and black tea nurture delicate, sensitive skin.
  • € 24.95 In Stock
    A natural, nurturing way to add full volume to lashes and emphasize eyes. Gentle and soothing, in three dynamic colors.